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Library Makerspace – 3D Printing

The Ultimaker Connect 2 3D Printer is an advanced and user-friendly 3D printing solution available for use at our library. It allows library patrons to transform their digital designs into physical objects, fostering creativity, innovation, and hands-on learning.

3D printing is a process of melting filament and laying it in layers to create a 3D project.

You can download an object that has been created from a website like Thingiverse.com and slice it using Cura software to create a 3D print.

You can design your own objects using a website like Tinkercad.

Please check that your print has proper support if required.
Print time is limited to 6 hours.  If you have a longer print consider increasing the speed if possible or separating parts into different prints.
If the design is intricate we don’t recommend increasing the speed.

Print cost is:
Base price – $1.00 + $0.10 a gram
When you slice your print it will give you the weight of your print and the time it will take to print.


A print that is 10 grams and will take 1 hour to print will be calculated as follows:
Base Print:            $1.00
Weight 10 grams: $1.00
Total Cost:            $2.00

Please fill out the 3D Printer Request Form, you can upload your file to the form and library staff will print your object and contact you when it is ready. 
Most jobs will be ready within 1 week depending on the number of requests received by the library.
You will need a valid library card from either the Quinte West Public Library or the Belleville Public Library.

3D Printer - Request

Form to be filled out by patron for a Request to Print using the QWPL's 3D Printer.

Choose a colour


The item I am requesting to be printed will not be used as a weapon, weapon component or key, and does not violate any copyright laws(Required)
In submitting digital files for printing, I agree to assume all responsibility for, and shall hold Quinte West Public Library harmless in, all matters related to the use of the object printed.(Required)
Quinte West Public Library requests permission to post photographs of your completed 3D Print on the libraries Social Media pages.(Required)
Quinte West Public Library is not responsible for the functionality or quality of content produced on the 3D printer.(Required)
Please email your 3D Print (ufp format) file to: makerspace@quintewest.ca(Required)