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Governance and Administration


Quinte West Public Library Board

Doug Couture

Lynda Reid (Councillor)

Board Members
Sally Freeman (Councillor)
Charles Lane
Bonnie Lloyd
Everett Payne
Billie-Marie Yakachuk

Library Board – Roles and Responsibilities

Public libraries in Ontario are governed by the Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, chapter P44 and are bound by the requirements of this legislation. The Act defines how the Library Board should operate, its accountability requirements to Municipal Council and the Province, as well as its responsibilities regarding the delivery of library service. It defines the Library Board as a governing board, giving it the authority to make policy and direct the affairs of the organization.

As a governing body, the Library Board is the decision-making and legal authority of the organization. The Board is accountable for the whole range of activity of the organization and the results it achieves, but is not responsible for carrying out day-to-day operations, which are instead the responsibility of library staff. With a focus on the future, the Board determines the direction of the organization and decides how to get there through its planning functions. In conjunction with the library’s Chief Executive Officer, the Board develops the mission, goals and objectives that will guide the library’s activities into the future. The Board is responsible for advocating the library as an important community resource, and ensures the Library receives adequate operating and capital funds to sustain facilities, collections and staffing.


Regular meetings of the Board are held once a month between September and June and are open to the public. The Board may hold special meetings as required.

Please note: In order to physical distance at the time of this public health crisis the Library Board will be meeting remotely. It is still a public meeting as per the Public Libraries Act. If, as a member of the public, you wish to attend the meeting please email the Library Board using the form below to acquire the link to access the meeting. Please be advised that members of the public will be asked to leave the meeting if there is an in camera session to discuss labour relations or identifiable individuals.

Email the Library Board

Library Board Meeting