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Volunteering Opportunities

The library has a number of volunteer opportunities. We encourage and welcome applications from everyone over the age of 14. We also accept students looking to fulfill their high school volunteer hour requirements.

Although we have numerous volunteer positions, some positions may have more hours available than others. If you are interested in regular volunteering, or need to acquire a set amount of hours, it would be best to apply to more than one position. If you would like to submit an application to volunteer please complete this form.

Volunteer Positions


These positions are for young adults 14-18 years of age. Teen reviewers earn 1.5 volunteer hours for each approved review of a book, graphic novel, or movie in our collection. Reviews must be at least 250 words and may be used by the library on our website, social media, or advertising. This position can be done virtually and is therefore flexible in the hours in which it is completed.

Program / Craft Prep

Assist in the preparation of crafts and materials for both children and adult programming. This may include cutting materials, creating craft samples, sorting and packaging supplies. This position would be done in person and does not require interaction with the public.

Special Event Assistance

(currently unavailable due to COVID restrictions)

These positions assist with the facilitation of in-person programming. This position may include setting up for the event, helping patrons with the activity, restocking supplies, and cleaning up after the event. Cleaning duties may include washing dishes, clearing tables, and sweeping floors. The hours available for this position is dependent on the programs that are being offered. Please note that events aimed at children are limited to teenaged volunteers.

Collections Support

This position may include shelf-reading (ensuring the items on the shelves are in the correct order), tidying, dusting, organizing, scanning, digitizing, or packaging. The hours of this position are flexible and can likely accommodate your schedule and availability.

Tech Help

(currently unavailable due to COVID restrictions)

These positions are great for tech savvy individuals who are able to answer questions about tablets, phones, and laptops. These volunteers would work directly with individuals, guiding them through simple tasks like sending a photo, how to copy and paste, or how to add a contact. This position requires a regular commitment.

Virtual Program

Do you have a special skill that would interest our local community? Submit an idea to be reviewed by library staff, then help facilitate a virtual program or video. These videos may be posted to our website, social media, or used for advertising purposes.