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Cool Things to Borrow

Your library card now provides access to many cool things to borrow.

personal floatation devices (PFD) / Lifejackets

Personal Flotation Device (PFD) / Lifejacket Loaning Program
The Quinte West Public Library has 
Personal Flotation Devices (PFD’s) / Lifejackets
to borrow.

Any adult (18+) with a valid Quinte West Public Library Card is eligible to borrow a PFD / Lifejacket.
A parent or guardian may borrow a PFD/Lifejacket on behalf of their minor children.

Sizes available are:
2 – Adult Lg/XL   (41kgs / 91 lbs minimum weight)
1 – Adult Sm/Med(41 kgs / 91 lbs minimum weight)
2 – Youth (25-40 kgs / 55-88 lbs)
2 – Child (15-25 kgs / 33-55 lbs)
2 – Infant (9-14 kgs / 20-31 lbs)

The loan period for a PFD / Lifejacket is 2 weeks and renewals are not permitted.

Quinte Region Drowning Prevention Coalition
Thank you to the 
Quinte Region Drowning Prevention Coalition
for providing these PFD’s / Lifejackets available for our patrons.

cognitive care kits

Cognitive Care Kits are kits that are designed to help caregivers engage with the people under their care that experience dementia.  These kits include activities to help the caregiver understand the individual's likes and dislikes, topics to start conversations  and activities for the person to participate in.
Our Cognitive Care Kits were made possible by a partnership with Belleville Public Library and the Alzheimer's Society of Hastings-Prince Edward and a grant from the United Way Hastings & Prince Edward.
Included in the Cognitive Care Kit
Cognitive Care Kit Contents 
  • Conversation Starters
  • Large Print Books
  • Adult Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Colouring Pages
  • Cognitive and Fine Motor Activities


The DementiAbility Method uses the WOW method to best meet the needs of the person.
WOW Method
  • Who is the person?  What did they do in their past for work or home, what are their interests?
  • Observations:  What are their triggers, habits, conditioned behaviours?
  • What will you do?  Connect who they are with what you observe to figure out the best things for them.
Be the Start Button
  • Sometimes people with dementia need help getting started.  Try asking:  I have this sorting activity.  Would you like to do it?
  • Adapt any of the activities in the Kit to meet the individual's abilities, needs and interests.  If an activity is not engaging your loved one, that's okay!  Try another activity.  You can always revisit the activity at another time.
  • A caregiver to a person with dementia
  • An activity director of a Nursing / Retirement Residence
  • Alzheimer Society of Hastings-Prince Edward
  • Community Health Centre
Borrowing Requirements:
  • Valid library card in good standing
  • Explanation by library supervisor
  • For more Information contact the Quinte West Public Library:  613-394-3381  x3325
  • Alzheimer Society  of Hastings-Prince Edward:  https://alzheimer.ca/hpe/en
  • If you are interested in learning more about DementiAbility go to their website at:  https://dementiability.com/

National Air Force Museum of Canada Day Pass

Check out this pass with your library card and get admission to the National Air Force Museum of Canada for the day for 2 adults and up to 3 children. This pass checks out for a 1 week loan (7 days) and can be placed on hold.

Ontario Parks Day Pass

This pass allows you to park your vehicle at any Ontario Provincial Park, any day of the year. This pass is a 1 week loan (7 days) and can be placed on hold.

Advance service for day use at select provincial parks:

In response to the increased demand and popularity of Ontario Parks, a new service was introduced in 2021 to help visitors secure their day use spot up to five days in advance of arrival for 17 provincial parks.
Building on the success of last year’s offering, visitors will be able to reserve day use permits at an additional 16 provincial parks starting on May 16, 2022 – See list below.

Obtaining a permit in advance will allow people to plan ahead, which means more time on the beach or trails and less time in long lines, and guarantee they have a parking spot upon arrival for the parks listed below:

Algonquin, Arrowhead, Batchawana Bay, Craigleith, Darlington, Forks of the Credit, Kakabeka Falls, Kettle Lakes, Lake Superior, Long Point, Mono Cliffs, North Beach, Pinery, Presqu’ile, Sandbanks Sibbald Point, and Turkey Point.

Additional Parks for 2022 (Starting May 16th):
Bass Lake, Blue Lake, Bonnechere, Driftwood, Kap-Kig-Iwan, Mara, McRae Point, Pancake Bay, Point Farms, Rainbow Farms, Rushing River, Samuel de Champlain, Selkirk, Six Mile Lake, Voyageur and Windy Lake.

Information for Library Patron:

  • Library patrons who have borrowed a seasonal permit to visit participating Ontario Parks will need to obtain an advance daily vehicle permit for all visits, including free day use days.
  • Library patron’s will be able to use the borrowed seasonal permit’s serial number to obtain guaranteed access to these parks at no extra charge.

There are two ways to obtain a daily vehicle permit in advance for the participating parks.

  1. Online at reservations.ontarioparks.com
  2. By phone at 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275) – Open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

When patrons arrive at a park, they will need to bring the seasonal permit that they have borrowed from the library and a printed or electronic copy of the confirmation e-mail that indicates that they have secured a space at the park on the day of the visit.

Conservation Area Parking Pass

This pass allows you to park your vehicle at the Quinte Conservation areas from dawn until dusk, any day of the year.

Participating Conservation Areas = Potter’s Creek Conservation Area, H.R. Frink Conservation Area, Vanderwater Conservation Area, Sidney Conservation Area, O’Hara Mill Conservation Area, Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area, Massassauga Point Conservation Area, Beaver Meadow Conservation Area, Sheffield Conservation Area, Depot Lakes Conservation Area, and Portland Conservation Area.

This pass may not be used for the Little Bluff Conservation Area.

These passes are available for a 3 week loan (21 days) and can be placed on hold.

Early Literacy Kits

Early Literacy Kits are a fun way to introduce and reinforce early learning for children. They can help teach literacy skills through the use of stories, imaginative play, games, and activities. The skills learned through these kits are building blocks which will help you raise a great reader!

Each kit contains:

  • picture book
  • puppet
  • alphabet learning games or activities
  • number learning games or activities
  • one additional learning material, related to colours, shapes, etc

Kits are available in various themes, including but not limited to:

  • beavers
  • dinosaurs
  • hedgehogs
  • firefighters
  • police

Search “Early literacy kit” in our catalogue to find a listing of all available kits.

Borrowing Period: 3 weeks (21 days)

Things to know:

  • Kits are only holdable by patrons with Quinte West Library cards
  • Kits must be returned to either Trenton or Frankford
  • Kits will not be considered returned until all items from the kit have been returned to the library

Board Games

Board games are a great way to have fun with the whole family. We have games at a variety of difficulties and skill levels, so there is sure to be something to suit your interests.

Games include, but are not limited to:

  • Blokus
  • Candy Land
  • Catan
  • Clue
  • Codenames
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Life
  • Ticket to Ride Europe

For a full list of available games search “Board Game” in the catalogue.

Borrowing Period: 2 Weeks (14 days)

Things to know:

  • Games are only holdable by patrons with Quinte West Library cards
  • Games must be returned to either Trenton or Frankford
  • Games must be returned to the desk, not through the drop box
  • Games will not be considered returned until all items from the game have been returned to the library

Nature Kits

Nature Kits are a fun way to engage children in learning outdoors. They inspire curiosity, exploration, and a love of nature. Through hands-on activities children will learn to identify local trees, plants, birds, butterflies, and bees.


  • backpack
  • binoculars & case
  • magnifying glass
  • flashlight
  • bug net
  • bug bucket
  • tweezers
  • bug clamp
  • shovel / tool set
  • dry erase marker
  • clip board
  • pencils & notepad
  • resource binder
  • scavenger hunt & map game
  • Search “Nature kit” in the catalogue.

Borrowing Period: 2 Weeks (14 days)

Things to know:

  • Kits are only holdable by patrons with Quinte West Library cards
  • Kits must be returned to either Trenton or Frankford
  • Kits will not be considered returned until all items from the kit have been returned to the library

Kajeet Mobile Hotspots

Take the internet home with you … borrow a Mobile Hotspot!

Mobile Hotspots allow access to the internet for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The Quinte West Public Library Mobile Hotspots use the Bell cellular network – service is dependent on the availability of this network in your area.

Hotspots have 230 MB’s of data per day for a 2 week period. There is no daily cap so users are encouraged to check their data usage by logging on to the Sentinel website. When the 3.66 gigs limit has been reached the hotspot will no longer access the internet.

Internet will be suspended the day after the Hotspot is due to be returned.

Internet service for these devices is available in Ontario only.

Activity = Data per hour

Basic Web Use:

10 -25 MB

Social Media:

156 MB

Streaming Music:

150 MB

Streaming 480p Video:

700 MB

Streaming HD Video:

3 GB

Streaming 4K Video:

7 GB

Online Gaming:

15 MB

Online Gaming (MOBA):

60 MB

Borrowers must be 18 years or older (Photo ID/proof of age may be requested), and the borrowers library card must be current and have less than $10.00 in fines.
  A child may check out a Mobile Hotspot, but only if the parent/guardian is with them at the time of check out (phone calls from parent/guardian will not be permitted). 

QWPL Mobile Hotspot Agreement:
  A “QWPL Mobile Hotspot Agreement” must be read and signed before a Mobile Hotspot is borrowed.

Loan period:
  2 weeks (14 days)

Are holds allowed?
  Mobile Hotspots may be placed on hold. They must be picked up within two (2) days after the hold becomes available.

Are renewals allowed?
  Yes, if the device has no holds.


 Returns must be made to the circulation desk.

 Customers will be charged repair/replacement fees for devices returned through the library book drop.
 A quick visual inspection of the hotspot is done at the time of the drop off , but the borrower will remain responsible for the device until a more thorough inspection is done.

Connection instructions are included with the Mobile Hotspot.

The data does not allow for streaming of tv or movies but is great for job searching, internet searching, scrolling social media and homework help.

Mobile Hotspots should be kept in a climate controlled environment. 

Replacement cost if the Mobile Hotspot is damaged or lost is $200.00

The overdue fees are $1.00 per day to the limit of $200.00. 

Use of the device is subject to the Library’s Internet Access and Computer Use Policy.  Users violating this policy will be prohibited from borrowing Mobile Hotspots.

Parents or guardians, not the Library Board nor staff, are responsible for their children’s access to the Internet. 

Borrowers of the Mobile Hotpsots are subject to federal legislation, provincial guidelines and library policies regulating Internet use, including the provisions of the Criminal Code regarding obscenity, child pornography, hatred and sedition. Use of the Library’s Mobile Hotspots for illegal purposes is prohibited and will result in loss of library privileges and may result in prosecution.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of on-line transactions, including credit card numbers, online banking information, and passwords.

Borrowers of the Library’s Mobile Hotspots are responsible for the protection of their devices from viruses, spyware and spam by having up-to-date anti-virus software, firewalls, etc.